TIMREX® Graphite and Coke cover a diverse range of carbons, from high-purity synthetic graphite with different particle sizes and morphologies, to naturally occurring graphite extracted from our Canadian mine. TIMREX Petroleum Cokes offer low ash and sulphur content with a consistent particle size distribution.

ENSACO® Carbon Blacks are highly-structured carbons that have low impurity and moisture levels. They can be supplied as powders or as ‘soft granules’, for dispersion into polymers and rubbers in order to impart electrically conductive properties.

SUPER P® Carbon Black powders have high purity and structure with a moderate surface area suitable in numerous battery applications as a conductive additive.

ROLLIT® Dispersions are aqueous based materials designed to deliver lubricating or descaling properties to different stages of the steel-making process. They contain high purity graphite dispersed at optimum particle size distribution with stabilising and performance enhancing additives.

TIMROC® Silicon Carbide is a highly stable material that is very hard and abrasive while presenting excellent thermal shock resistance. It is produced synthetically in Switzerland and is available in a variety of particle size distributions.