TIMREX« Graphite & Coke
Introduction to TIMREX« Graphite

Graphite is one of the three major allotropes of carbon, the others being diamond and nanostructures (fullerenes and nanotubes). Graphite is characterized by having a crystalline structure made of carbon atoms organized in planes of regular hexagons. These planes are parallel to each other and have a very well defined relative orientation. Inside a given plane, the atoms of carbon are strongly bound to each other, while between the planes the bonds are weaker.

The four fundamental parameters that determine graphite’s properties are:

  • Crystalline structure: Large crystallites and an ideal layer spacing indicate the high structural perfection of TIMREX« synthetic and natural graphites.
  • Texture: The real density (xylene density) and the specific surface area (BET) measurements allow the determination of voids within the particles. Bulk and tap density give an indication of the voids between the particles.
  • Particle size and shape: The particle size distribution is determined using sieves and laser diffractometers. TIMREX« family ranges from 4 microns to a few millimetres in particle size.
  • Purity: It is defined by the carbon content, the humidity and the chemical composition of the ash.

TIMCAL Graphite & Carbon is able to produce a wide range of synthetic and natural graphite grades by combining these four fundamental parameters while maintaining excellent consistency.

How TIMREX« Graphite and Coke Powders are produced

All TIMREX« Graphite & Coke have tight specifications and unequalled consistent qualities which are guaranteed though constant monitoring of all production and processing stages and clearly defined development processes. They are thoroughly controlled in our laboratories to ensure quality, consistency and a high level of performance resulting in a total customer satisfaction.

TIMREX« Primary Synthetic Graphite:
TIMREX« Primary Synthetic Graphite is produced using a unique and highly-controlled graphitization process which gives unique properties thanks to the combination of a consistent purity, perfect crystalline structure and well defined texture.
TIMREX« Natural Flake Graphite:
TIMREX« Natural Flake Graphite is produced in a wide range of products distinguished by particle size distribution, chemistry and carbon content. Timcal sources its Natural Flake Graphite from its mine in Lac-des-╬les, Quebec, Canada and from various sources worldwide. Further processing is done either in Lac-des-╬les or, for higher value-added products, in our various processing plants located in Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada, in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China or in Bodio, Ticino, Switzerland.

TIMREX« Petroleum Coke is calcined at the appropriate temperature and is characterized by low ash and sulphur contents, well defined texture and consistent particle size distribution.
TIMREX« Dispersions:
Our dispersions are water based (solvent-free) and are therefore environmentally friendly . They contain very fine graphite powders and are used in various industries like electrically conductive coatings, release agents and corosion protection. Each member of this family is tailor-made for a specific final application in the most diverse branches of industry, like electrically conductive coatings, release agents and corrosion protection.